Content Submission
​Each month, Sweet To The Soul has a small number of openings for guest contributions for our blog. If you would like to submit a request for consideration of publication, we would love to hear from you. 

Suggested Content Topics:

  • Teachings and/or learnings from God’s Word
  • Real issues affecting women was they walk daily in their faith 
  • Experiencing life as a child of the Lord 
  • Spending time in His presence 
  • And many many others in that they encourage, equip, educate and empower women to meet Jesus and deepen their relationship with Him.


Do I need to have my own blog?
No. Don’t worry if you do not already have a blog or website, if God has placed a message on your heart we want to hear from you.
I also participate in another contributor blog, can I still submit a piece for your consideration?
Yes, however your submission to us should be original not previously published content.
Will I be paid for my blog contribution?
No. Contributors will not receive financial compensation, however you will receive the benefit of building community with other Christian bloggers as well as promoting God’s message to a wider audience.
Will you share my social media platforms?
Yes. Your blog contribution will include a link back to your blog or facebook page. If you use other social media platforms (twitter, Instagram, etc), up to 2 additional links may be included.
What happens to my content you publish?
You retain the rights to your post content and my republish in other formats. However, you may, and we encourage you to, share an excerpt on your blog as a promotion on the day of publishing, We retain a license to use your content in future projects.
What happens to my submitted content that you do not publish?
We request a 30 day hold on any content submitted. If you do not receive a confirmation that your content has been accepted for publication within 30 days of submission, you may redistribute your content as you like.
Will you provide a writing topic?
No. You will be responsible for generating your own post ideas (with the exception of content for specific series or requested topics) as long as it aligns with the mission of the website. 

Blog Reservation Request:

To make a request for content submission for other topics, please send an email to and include your writing topic, the related scripture, a link to your blog and/or fb ministry page, or attach an example of your writing (if you have not previously contributed to Sweet To The Soul.) A confirmation of acceptance will be replied along with a content submission deadline.
To receive an email notification of general calls for blog content contributions, please add your name to our Blog Contributors email list.

Guidelines for Content Submission:

  • 600 - 900 words
  • The devotion should be based on one key verse from Scripture. (if #SoulDeep submission, the central verse must be specific to the topic's reading list)
  • **The teaching should include proper Biblical reference and context
  • The teaching can include a personal story from everyday life.
  • Be sure to include the lesson learned from your story, and how it relates to the key verse.
  • ​Include 1-2 additional reference scriptures (not included in word count)
  • Include 1-3 further study / application questions / exercise.
  • ​Include a closing prayer.
  • Write with a friendly tone, not a formal tone.
  • ​Make a point to move from “me” to “we” in your devotion. How can WE apply this teaching to our lives today?
  • As you write, keep it simple. Avoid using church language that may be unfamiliar to some.
Content should be original and unpublished, and edited ready to publish
​Preferred content format: Word document.
A graphic may be submitted for inclusion, however a Sweet To The Soul branded graphic with an applicable scripture will be created for the post.
Include a short bio with picture, blog address & social media links
All content should be submitted no later than the 20th of the month prior to scheduled post [unless another deadline is expressly provided]
​We retain editorial decision making about what content gets posted (Biblical integrity is a priority for this ministry). Please also make sure your piece is edited to the best of your ability. Each accepted submission will be reviewed by our editor before it is posted.

Blog Content Submissions:

All specific date or topic reservations should be submitted by the 5th of the month prior [i.e. reservations for March should be completed by Feb 5]
All content should be submitted by the 20th of the month prior. [i.e. content for March should be submitted by Feb 20].
All content submissions should be emailed to
​​*** Please wait for date reservation prior to submitting written content.