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Come join our blog series #GraciousWords!
Everyday we walk among hurting people. Grief stricken, suffering, wounded, hurting people.  People that God wants us to see, people that God wants us to love, people that God wants us to reach. To shine His love and light upon and into. Divine appointments He long ago ordered and ordained.  

We are God's family, His church - let's go out and be it.
  • Let's be noticers - being aware of those around us, being there for them.
  • Let's be listeners - hearing more than what others are saying, hearing thier hearts as they cry out.
  • Let's be neighbors - seeing the needs of others and striving to meet those needs.
  • Let's be messengers - saying yes to God when He says go, reach out.
  • Let's be witnesses - sharing testimony of God's mercy and grace in our lives. 
How do you use your #GraciousWords? Come join our blog series and share how we can use our words to encourage others.
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