Jingle & Joy Advent Prayer Journal 

Jingle and Joy is an advent study, sharing the story of prayer beneath the tree for all people. You will want to keep it by your tree, bedside table, or coffee table to read each day from now until Christmas. Daily prayer prompts will keep you kneeling beneath the tree, looking up to God, trusting he hears your every request.

"Jingle and Joy is the perfect blend of the honest admission that Christmas can be overwhelming, but that joy is the greatest gift the season has to offer. This book will be on my nightstand this Christmas season!"
​​Cindy K. Krall –
Speaker, blogger, freelance writer at cindykrall.com


Jingle and Joy Scripture Reading List

Download this FREE printable Scripture Reading List
Jingle and Joy Scripture List.pdf
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Download these FREE printable Journaling Pages
SoulDeep Scripture Journal blank.pdf
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Jingle and Joy Prayer / Journaling Tags

Download these FREE printable Prayer Journaling / Ornament tags. 
  • Use them to write your prayer each day and hang on your tree. 
  • Use as gift tags and write a prayer on the tag for the recipient.
  • Use them in your Bible or Journal to record your prayers or scriptures.
Jingle and Joy - Tags.pdf
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Jingle and Joy Prayer & Encouragement Calendar

We have another beautiful Prayer Prompt Calendar for artist Kelly O'Dell Stanley which coordinates perfectly with Jingle and joy. 

Use the link below to download your FREE copy
Jingle and Joy Perpetual Calendar.pdf
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To sign up to receive Kelly's FREE monthly Prayer Prompts, visit  ​https://kellyostanley.com/

Jingle and Joy Phone Lock Screens

LOCK SCREENS:  This set includes 5 images usable on your phone or tablet.

Download these FREE images below than follow your device's instructions to add them as your wallpaper.

Great inspiration as a daily prayer reminder.
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Jingle and Joy Bible Journaling Resources

JOURNALING TEMPLATES / BOOKMARKS:  This set includes 3 Journaling Templates / colorable Bookmarks. 
Pray for all people - 1 Timothy 2:1
Pray for your neighbors - Luke 10:27
Pray for those who work day and night - Luke 2:8
JOURNALING / NOTE CARDS:  This set includes 3 pages of printable journal / post cards. 12 different designs coordinates perfectly with Jingle and Joy. Use these as journaling cards in your Bible or Journal or print and add an inspirational note or prayer and gift to a friend. 
JOURNALING / PRAYER / GIFT TAGS:  This set includes 3 pages of printable journal / prayer / gift tags. 27 different designs can be used as daily prayer tags along with Jingle and Joy. Also makes beautiful gift tags.


Topic Focus:

* Prayer Tree 1-2-3  
* Making Room for the Babe  
* Exchange Presents for Presence
* Let Christmas Linger


​* Weekly devotionals
* Daily Prayer Prompts
* Daily Prayer Devo
* Prayer journal pages


Jodie Barrett is a girl who loves Jesus and sharing his word. Wife to
Thomas, her high school sweetheart, mother to their children Ryan and Lauren, and ministry leader with Faithfully Following Ministries. Her
passion is teaching women the Word of God, helping women unearth the treasure of God’s love letter, verse by verse. She looks for joy in everyday things like laundry, waiting in line and cooking, considering each an opportunity to share God’s love with others!​
Catch up with Jodie and her ministry partner Donna Fender on their blog at FaithfullyFollowingMinistries.org.

"Jingle and Joy will become a part of my Christmas traditions."     … Kelly Stanley

"This book will be on my nightstand this Christmas season!"     … Cindy Krall

"A beautiful book to give as a gift to family and friends."     …  Michele O'Leary

"Beautifully written with stories that will touch your heart"     …   Laura Polk

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