Ministry Pillars

2016 Focus:

Sweet To The Soul Ministries' main focus for 2016 is to Encourage the Study of God's Divinely Inspired Word
  • Introduce a Daily Scripture Reading Plan : #SoulDeep Daily Scripture Reading Plan
  • Provide Biblical Insights Related to Daily Scripture Reading
  • Produce a Monthly Scripture Journal : #SoulDeep Scripture Journal
  • Conduct On-Line and In-Person Bible Studies

Ministry Pillars:


Cultivate a Collabrative Community of Christian Bloggers, Speakers and Teachers to Expand the Reach of God's Message
  • Dedicated Contributor Team
  • Invite Special Guest Contributors
  • Open Doors to Christian Women Bloggers


Partner With Women in Ministry to Provide Support in Spreading God's Message
  • Visual Marketing / Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Book Launch and Product Promotions
  • Blog Content Support


Endow Provision For Our Ministry to Enable The Building of The Kingdom​
  • On-Line Shoppe
    • Downloadable Scripture Journals
    • Printables
    • Scripture Art Prints
  • Published Bible Study