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Hey Soul Friends!

I would love to invite you to participate in an on-going blog series on Sweet To The Soul - "Sunday HymnBook"

I just love old hymns and old churches! Both take me back to my youth and memories of learning to praise my Lord and Savior. Music has always spoken deeply to me and even today I almost always have praise music playing! So on Sundays, we blog about worship music and old hymns.

Would you like to join us and share ...  How has worshipping through music impacted you?

This is an on-going series which will be featured every Sunday on the blog and social media (fb, twitter, instagram and pinterest).  If you are asking, "how can I select just one song?" - No Worries!!  I would love for you to submit as often as you like!  So please complete the form below for each individual song you would like to blog about.

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Blog submission requirements

I am going full on free style for your submissions! 

They can be as long or short as you like!  You might like to include the full lyrics or just a particular line, chorus, etc. If you are sharing the post on your blog, include a link to that post as well

A Sweet To The Soul graphic will be created for each submission.

Be creative!!  Do you write your own worship songs? Do you or your family sing praise at church? Do the littles have a Jesus song they love to sing? Is there a particular Christian song you just have to turn up when it comes on the radio?  Is there a song that brings you to your knees? Let's share with the masses how wonderful worshipping our Lord though song really is!!  .

Deadline: Once your blog date has been set, your submission should be received 10 days prior to your post date. Once created, a the link to your post and the Sweet To The Soul graphic will be forwarded back to you. Feel free to use the graphic in promoting your guest post with us.

Feel free to grab the "Sunday HymnBook" square at the top of the page to add to your blog or post, with a link back to  (not this specific page).

Blog reservation form

Blog submissions

Reserve your spot on the calendar now!!   In the comment form below please include the following information:
Name of song / hymn:
Author / performer of song / hymn: (if known)
Sunday date selection (in order of preference)

[Please reserve December dates for Christmas related songs / carols]
To submit your blog content to Sweet To The Soul:

Please email your submission, including all links, images, etc. to
Thank you for your submission!