Be Careful Little Eyes What You See
by Missy Millspaugh on October 11th, 2016

“The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy,
your whole body will be full of light.”

Matthew 6:22

I remember it as if it were only a few weeks ago and not fifteen years. 
At the time, my children were eight and nearly three years old.  So, you can imagine there wasn’t a lot of news being watched in our home in the mornings.  This was also well before Amber Alerts and push notifications on your phone.  This was back, when you really only used your cell phone for emergencies and texting was way too expensive for normal people.
So, I was devastated and totally in shock when I got into the car to take my daughter to school and heard what was happening in New York City on the radio.  It was, as we were driving to the school, that the second plane hit the South Tower.
My heart was broken.
Once I finally returned home, my mother-in-law had the news on.  It was then that I saw not one, but two buildings topple to the ground.  I saw people running through the streets of Manhattan, scared, injured, and confused. I watched as they told of another plane crashing into the Pentagon and yet another crashed into a field taking the lives of all the passengers, but sparing the intended target. 
I watched and watched and watched.
The more I watched, the more my heart broke.  Here I was, 1200 miles away, but I felt like it was happening to me, in my city, to my family and friends.  But, I continued to watch. I watched all day, I watched for several days.
That was the problem.
It’s funny that what we see can have an effect on how we feel, what we think about, what we do. 

When we look at things that are distressing, even if it isn’t happening to us, we feel distressed.  How about when we see silly cat videos, children playing, or sadly, pornographic images as we flip through the channels on our television.  How do they make us feel?  Do we linger?  Did we stay glued to the set?  We watch something on T.V., at the time thinking it’s no big deal, only to dwell on it later?  It becomes all we think about, even when we are no longer watching.  Those Hallmark commercials would not hit so close to the heart if they were only sound. 

Our eyes are the window to our whole body, what we see has a lasting effect.

This is why we protect our eyes when we are about to see something scary, we close our eyes when we are going around the loop on a rollercoaster, we shield our child’s eyes when there is something inappropriate. 

There is a saying, ‘you can’t un-see that’; and it is true. Our brain is like a camera and our eyes are the lens.  Once we see it, our brain has taken a picture and stored it in our memory.  The longer we look; the more pictures are saved. When we recall those dark, unwanted pictures, they bring darkness, but when we recall those pictures that are fun, full of love and life, there is glorious light.  Like a great day at the beach.

I didn’t want to leave my house, I didn’t want my daughter to go to school, I didn’t want my husband to go to work; I didn’t want to run the risk of something happening to any of us.  I thought, ‘I live in the fourth largest city in the US, they could be targeting here.’  I thought we would be safe, if we were at home.

After about three days of watching the aftermath of the attack on 9/11, I realized that I could no longer watch the news; it was stealing my joy, my hope.  I realized that if I didn’t start focusing on something that would give me peace, that I would continue to spiral downward.  I had to come to the realization that God was in control, that no matter what happens, He is still taking care of me.  He is still protecting my family.  But, I had to get my focus off of what was bringing me down and turn my focus to what would lift me up.

I remember the first time I had to drive somewhere that was outside of my neighborhood.  I had to drive to the other side of town and it would require me to drive right through the middle of downtown.  It was a beautiful day, cloudless blue skies; the kind of day people write about.  The only difference was there were not a lot of cars on the road in our busy city and there were still no airplanes in that beautiful blue sky.

As I drove through town that day, I cried.  I cried for those who lost their lives, I cried for the families that would no longer be able to see the ones they loved.  I cried for a people who didn’t know those people but felt so passionate about their cause that they could take lives.  And I cried for that beautiful day. 

Because as I drove through my city, with its tall buildings and blue skies, I saw hope.  And that, was really nice to look at.

Precious Heavenly Father, we love you.  We ask you to help us see with new eyes; eyes that see as You see.  Help us to determine if what we are looking at is lifting us up or bringing us down.  Remind us that when we put our focus on you, we don’t have to worry about the darkness, because you are the Light of the World.  Thank you for Your Holy Spirit who gives us a little nudge when our eyes are drifting.  In Jesus name, Amen.
​Blessings Soul Friends
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​Missy Millspaugh was born in sunny Florida and lived there until shortly after she married her husband Jim.  Since then, they have lived in Texas and she truly believes she was born to be a Texan.  Missy has two amazing children, Molly and Jacob and enjoys watching them take their first steps into adulthood.   She loves to read, Starbucks, and Mickey Mouse and longs for a house strategically planted in the city, country, and on the beach, all at the same time. 
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