Retreat Event Projects

Women's Retreat Decor

Prayer Wall

The "wall" is constructed of pallets and recycled wood fencing.
* The frame for each of the 5 wall sections is made of wood pallets, with several boards overlapping to connect each section to the other.
* The pallet framing is covered with randomly placed pieces of recycled wood fencing slats.
* Each section was assembled separately then secured together on site. 

"Prayer Wall" Sign
The sign is made from a piece of old exterior wood siding left over from a previous project.
* An old leather belt was cut into 2 lengths to form a strap on each end of the board [with the buckle visible]
* Lettering was painted with standard craft paint using the 'dry brush' tecnique to give a distressed look.

​Each chalkboard has a unique composition - be resourceful with your recycling!

1. White Oval  
* This piece is actually a recycled old framed print in a gold colored plastic frame.
* The existing glass in the frame was painted with 2 coats of chalkboard paint.
* The frame was painted with 3 coats of standard white craft paint.

2. Red Rectangle
* Purchased craft store chalkboard.
* Raw wood frame was painted with 2 coats of standard craft paint, then lightly sanded to distress.

3. Large Middle Frame
* Purchased craft store chalkboard
* Frame is built from recycled wood fencing then attached to frame of chalkboard.

4. Small Middle Frame
* Repurposed table top frame, painted with standard craft paint then lightly sanded to distress.
* Insert is a purchased canvas painted with chalkboard paint

5. Blue Rectangle
* Repurposed thrift store framed print (no glass)
* Mounted print was secure and not peeling, so it was painted over with 2 coats of chalkboard paint.
* Frame was painted with 2 coats of standard craft paint, and lightly sanded to distress

6. Yellow Square
* Another thrift store find, framed print
* The print was loose, so removed
* The backing board was in good shape so it was painted with 2 coats of chalkboard paint.
* The frame was painted with 2 coats of standard craft paint, and light sanded to distress.

Chalkboard and Lettering Tips and Techniques

Painting your chalkboard
* For best results when using liquid chalkboard paint - vs spray paint - apply with a sponge roller.  Sponge craft brushes can also be used, but in my experience, they do not always leave a smooth finish.

Seasoning your chalkboard
* Let paint dry thouroughly before beginning seasoning.
* Using a piece of chalk - on it's side - rub the entire surface of the chalkboard horizontally.
* Repeat, rubbing the chalk on the board vertically.
* Using a soft cloth or chalkboard eraser, wipe board down completely and blow off any chalk dust.
* Your chalkboard is seasoned and ready to use.

Lettering your chalkboard
There are other techniques which could be used, but this is the process I follow.
* Sketch out your lettering and/or design on paper, working out lettering styles and spacing.
* On chalkboard, lightly mark out guidelines or guide points.
* Lightly draw out your lettering and design skeleton, until you are satisfied with the design and letter spacing.
* Add detail to lettering and design, darken lines adding weight to lettering, fill in all details.
* If any guidelines or guide points remain visible, lightly erase, being careful not to erase any of the design.

​(On this chalkboard, I used a chalk marker instead of regular chalk.)