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Teach and Encourage the Study of God's Divinely Inspired Word

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To Equip Women to Inspire Future Generations for the Kingdom

Praying For Our Leaders

What might the impact be if, as a country of Christians, we collectively and in unity prayed for our local, state and government leaders? How might they be strengthened? How might they make better decisions? What if by praying for our leaders, they were infused with the strength to stand up to unethical influencers?

Join me by downloading this FREE printable 10 day Scripture based prayer journal. Print a copy for personal use and share this page with your friends and family. 
Let’s make an impact where we live,
let’s storm the doors of heaven with prayer for our leaders!

Jingle and Joy

Praying Beneath The Tree
Jingle and Joy is an advent study, sharing the story of prayer beneath the tree for all people. You will want to keep it by your tree, bedside table, or coffee table to read each day from now until Christmas. Daily prayer prompts will keep you kneeling beneath the tree, looking up to God, trusting he hears your every request.

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Women carry great influence, and it is our belief that God inspires us to live an intentional life which influences and points the next generation to Him.

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Lord, create in me a hunger for Your Word. amen