Content Contribution Guidelines

SPRING Content Submission Window is now OPEN

Sweet To The Soul FAITH, SPRING issue will be published in March, 2022. 
Social Media and blog content will be published during the months of March, April and May, 2022.

Our Mission

At Sweet To The Soul Ministries, our mission is to Teach and Encourage The Study of God’s Divinely Inspired Word.  The Bible is the filter which all of our content must pass through, whether a full study, a blog post or simply a blurb.

Our voice is one of authenticity, vulnerability and inclusion, as though we were talking with a friend and relating our personal experiences. We want to build one another up. Our focus in all matters, is God. Meaning, our focus is never specifically on the situation or circumstance, but rather how God can, will or did meet our needs. We want to always share a message of hope. We want to always lead others to God.

We also want to encourage our audience to read and study the Bible on their own. Our Bible Studies are meant to walk through the Bible with them and to allow God to speak to each one individually.

We not only provide blog and social media content to our audience, but printed and published material as well. This content has been in the form of published 31-day Bible Study, 4-Part Bible Study Journals, as well as devotionals and studies in printable formats. Our published studies are via Kindle Direct Publishing and are all available on Amazon. In addition, we also produce physical and printable Bible Journaling Kits, templates and resources.


JANUARY 20, 2022

The Spring Issue

The SPRING Issue of Sweet To The Soul FAITH will be published March 2022 with the focus of leading us to recognize Christ's forgiveness and grace in our lives

Each issue of Sweet To The Soul FAITH this year will represent a link in the chain of presenting a singular message to our audience. God's grace breathes in new life and introduces a new relationship with him which enables us to live a life where we can thrive and discover true joy.

In our Spring issue we will explore what being forgiven - by God, by others and by ourselves - looks like through practical and Biblical examples. We will talk about the hope that can only be found through Christ and how this hope anchors our lives.  Lastly, as Christians, telling others about Christ is objective number one, but can seem hard at times. Through the devo teachings, we will encourage our readers to testify and share their own God stories with others in their lives.
We look forward to you joining us for The Spring Issue of Sweet To The Soul FAITH.

Jana and Mitzi

Topical Focus -

Spring Season  *  Mercy & Forgiveness  *  Sharing our God Story

Topical Content Suggestions

Artwork / Illustrations / Photography - Original pieces that compliment the theme, focus, or Scripture reference.
Bible Study Focus - The reader will study techniques and processes that will assist them in navigating the Bible and individual studies.
Devotionals - Grounded in Biblical truth and teaching; reflective of specific seasonal topics, approximately 500 words.
Features - In-depth stories that focus on women's issues, family needs, kingdom building, etc with a solid Biblical application. 1200-2000 words.
Home & Hospitality - Short articles that provide practical application and encourage women as they enjoy simple living, healthy lifestyles, family, and hospitality.
Legacy Building - What lessons would you like to pass on to future generations. What do you want to leave behind? How you can serve and what will those beyond your circle of family and friends remember you for?
Poems -  Reflective of the issue theme; inline with solid Biblical principles

Prayer Focus - Will lead you to focus more on God, the importance of prayer life, related Scriptures, and more.
Creative Arts - Creativity driven Bible Study and worship, i.e. Bible Journaling, painting, creative lettering, or other artistic mediums.
Community - Ways we can engage with and support our neighbors; ways to spread the gospel in our communities.
Family - Building Family Traditions, Families overcoming difficulties with God's Help, Family legacies.
Fellowship - How to stay in church (encouragement); Fellowship at home; Inviting Others to the Table
On The Porch - Slowing down and finding rest, retreat and restoration in God.
Seasonal - Favorite seasonal activities or traditions; Bucket lists; Challenges with specific life season
This is My Story - Sharing our God-focused life stories and testimonies

To become familiar with the Sweet To The Soul FAITH
message and format, click below.

General Content Guidelines

  • We seek strongly written pieces which reflect the message of Sweet To The Soul.
  • Our focus in all matters, is God. Meaning, our focus is never specifically on the situation or circumstance, but rather how God can, will or did meet our needs. 
  • We want to always share a message of hope. We want to always lead others to God.
  • We accept original written content only. It must not have been published elsewhere including your personal blog.
  • All teaching points and general theory must be validated by Scripture. We are committed to teaching what accords with sound Biblical doctrine and through all shared content we desire to point women to Christ.
  • We are drawn to contributions which carry a compelling message which challenges women to genuinely pursue growth and heart change which glorifies God.
We require that all of our contributors agree with our Statement of Faith. We are committed to transparency in our beliefs and in our intent of pointing women to Christ. Because of this, we exercise caution when considering writers to partner with and will only accept submissions from those who stand in agreement with our Statement of Faith.

  • All published content will be credited and linked (when applicable) to the author’s blog and social media platforms.
  • All content submissions are on a volunteer basis and are not financially compensated.
  • All content submissions should be proofread, fully edited and ready for publication.
  • All scripture quotations should include the appropriate translation reference. Our preferred translations are ESV (English Standard Version), NIV or NLT.


JANAURY 20, 2022

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions should be 700 – 1,200 words in length (unless specific topical guidelines state otherwise).
  • Submissions should be left-justified, single spaced, with double space between paragraphs and headings. Do NOT indent paragraphs.
  • Submissions should include at least one pull quote or sticky statement.
  • Submissions may include (preferred) a prayer with up to an additional 250 words.

A Sweet To The Soul branded graphic with an applicable scripture will be created.
All general content should be submitted by JANUARY 20, 2022 for SPRING consideration.
Unsolicited content contributions will be reviewed by our editor prior to acceptance as content to be published.
We retain editorial decision making about what content gets posted (Biblical integrity is a priority for this ministry).

All content submissions should be sent to: