Praying When We Don't Know What To Do
March 17th, 2023
I just sat back, took a deep breath and whispered in my heart “God, I just don’t know what to do”. That was it, no resounding monologue, no great oracle to go down in the history books of prayer, jus...  Read More
Revive Us Again
March 10th, 2023
What comes to mind when you hear the word “revival”? Recently when I asked my friends online this question, they gave a variety of answers with some common threads. Spiritual awakening of the Church;...  Read More
What Does It Mean to Believe in Jesus?
February 28th, 2023
This month's study focus will be: BELIEVE. At first I thought this would be an easy topic, after all, believing in Christ is at the core of being a Christian. But the more I dug into God's Word, it be...  Read More
What Is Revival?
February 22nd, 2023
We've been hearing a lot about revival lately, in no small part to what is happening on a college campus. So, you might be wondering, just exactly what is revival? Is it a church meeting? Do I need to...  Read More
Through the Word
December 26th, 2022
Through the Word is a Scripture reading plan which focuses on one chapter of the Bible each day....  Read More
Scriptures About Peace
August 3rd, 2022
Living in biblical peace does not mean our circumstances are simple, without conflict and hassle free, but rather, we have the presence of God with us in all situations we face so we can engage in the...  Read More
57 Things I've Learned in 57 Years
July 7th, 2022
Birthdays have a way of causing you to reflect, especially as that number starts getting higher. You know, like eligible for AARP. I actually enjoy each birthday and thankful for each one. Am I taking...  Read More
A Personal Invitation
July 1st, 2022
(Part 4 of Rest for the Weary Soul) Today’s scripture is a familiar one for me. I’ve studied it, memorized it, illustrated it. It’s a beautiful message directly from Jesus himself – an invitation of r...  Read More
Actively Being Still
June 28th, 2022
(Part 3 of Rest for the Weary Soul series) Be still and know...hmmm. What do you struggle with the most: being still or doing nothing? Maybe both? It may help to remember that there is a difference be...  Read More
No More Going It Alone
June 17th, 2022
[Part 2 of Rest For The Weary Soul series] have learned – and apparently need to re-learn often – that in those times when I feel unrest, when I am anxious or unsettled, when my stress-o-meter is in ...  Read More
Rest for the Weary Soul
June 10th, 2022
[Part 1 of the series, Rest For The Weary Soul] Lately, my soul has been feeling pretty weary. Some things have crept in and drained my joy, my peace and my motivation. And I need to rest, replenish a...  Read More
When Fear Crowds Into Your Life
June 9th, 2022
Ever had a guest who overstayed their welcome? I sure have. He took up residence a long time ago and then refused to leave. Living with him camped out in my head became normal. He planted negative t...  Read More