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Together We're Better

Companion to The Woven Journal & Fellowship Devos

The "Together We're Better" Scripture Journal is a free printable 7-day journal featuring a "fellowship" focused Scripture List and step-by-step instructions for 3 Bible Study methods.  
Resources include:
  • Scripture Reading List
  • Daily Quick Study, Individual Study & Group Study Instructions
  • Quote Art
  • Journal Pages
  • Journaling Template / Colorable bookmark
Includes a bonus 31 day "Fellowship" Scripture Reading Plan.

Author: Jana Kennedy Spicer
Content: Digital Download, 19 pages, 1 file 

"One of the most beautiful aspects of being a child of God is that in addition to being
reborn into a new life, we are also reborn into a new family.
God calls us to Him and welcomes us into His family.."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, Together We're Better

"Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller

"Unity does not mean sameness,
it means oneness of purpose."

- Prischiia Shirer

Inspire Someone Today

The "Inspire Someone Today" Challenge is a free printable 5-day series featuring a daily short devotional and activity challenge to encourage you to become an influence to those around you.  Topical challenges include:
  • Praying for others
  • Caring for others
  • Expressing Gratitude to others
  • Building Up others
  • Shepherding others
Includes 5 days of FREE printables and BONUS printable Scripture cards.

Author: Jana Kennedy Spicer
Content: Digital Download, 31 pages, 1 file 

"So often the seemingly small gesture of caring has a much greater impact on a person
than sermons given to a large crowd."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, Inspire Someone

"Expressing gratitude to someone for their kindness, doubles the blessing."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, Inspire Someone

"Every day with every moment and every word, we have a choice.
A choice to speak words which heal and grow or that damage and destroy."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, Inspire Someone

"Christ is the ultimate model we should follow and as Christians,
we should always point others to Christ ."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, Inspire Someone

This Time

In those times when our world shifts on its axis, we turn to the scriptures for comfort and God’s reassurances – and rightly so. One scripture that Christians take great comfort in is Jeremiah 29:11.
“This Time” will take you on a deeper journey of this popular scripture to understand what Jeremiah was actually saying to the people of Israel in his letter and learn if it holds a promise for us today.

Author: Jana Kennedy-Spicer
Content: Digital Download, 33 pages, 2 PDF files 

"We falsely assume that be cause we have no control over circumstances, God has no control."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, This Time

"What is required of us right now is patient acceptance of our present circumstances."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, This Time

"We can endure what comes, knowing that God has a plan for our lives regardless of our present circumstances."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, This Time

"The enemy uses false teachers to tempt us with what we want to hear and lure us away from God's message, which is what we need to hear ."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, This Time

Every Good Gift

Christmas used to be my busiest time of the year. I say “used to” because after many years of over-hype, over-hustle and over-spending, the hubby and I started some new traditions and shifted our focus back to the real reason for this season.
I would love to encourage you to do the same.
"Every Good Gift" is a self paced 7 Scripture based Bible Study Journal focused on the greatest gift of all - Jesus Christ!
Includes devotions, study journal pages, scripture cards, prayer tags, note cards, journaling template, color page and more!

Author: Jana Kennedy Spicer
Content: Digital Download, 80 pages, 2 files 

"Let's be more consumed with the Creator of all things, rather than the things created.."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, Every Good Gift

"If we are not paying attention, we can ignore the signs pointing directly to God's miracle."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, Every Good Gift

"God's truth is more powerful than our doubt."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, Every Good Gift

"God provides us with a hope for the future, a hope for eternity with Him."

- Jana Kennedy Spicer, Every Good Gift

My Favorite Things

Fall is absolutely hands down my favorite season! I love everything about it.  When the weather starts to cool, I start thinking about all the things I am thankful for and all that I love about fall.
"My Favorite Things" is a self paced 7 topic Fall Themed Bible Study Journal which takes a look at what the Bible has to teach about each of the things I love so much about fall. Harvest Time - Cool Breezes - Warm Welcomes - Campfires - and More!
Includes Bible Art Journaling templates, color pages, Scripture Cards!

Author: Jana Kennedy Spicer
Content: Digital Download, 80 page printable, 2 files