Savor The Season

If you are looking for your next Bible study or devotional series, let me tell you about “Savor The Season”.

"Savor the Season" is a free 5-part printable devotional series which focuses on five things we can do to help us truly enjoy this season of Christ's birth.

“Savor”, by definition, means
1) to give oneself to the enjoyment of,
2) to appreciate fully, enjoy or relish.
This devotional series is written about how we can savor this winter season through Biblical principles. But honestly, these teachings apply all year long.

In this series, you will find Scripture focused devotional style teachings from several of our Sweet To The Soul FAITH Magazine Contributors, which you know and love.  

Each teaching highlights a topic as part of an acronym of “savor” and each represents an action we can all take during this season to truly savor this time.
S – Slow Down
A – Acknowledge
V – Invite
O – Open Door
R – Revel

You can use these teachings at the pace which you prefer, maybe one a day for a week, or maybe one a week over several weeks. Why not invite some friends to join you and together you can "Savor The Season".


1. Invite friends to study together and ask them to download their copy of Savor The Season directly from this page.
2. Have resources on hand like colored pencils, watercolor paints, markers, etc. so everyone can get creative with their journaling artwork. [ no special Bibles or journals needed ]
3. Ahead of your meeting time, prepare each week's recipe to provide a tasty treat for your study group.
4. Each week, encourage everyone to commit the section's focus Scripture to memory.

With each of the five topics you will find:
  • Devotional style teaching
  • Study and application questions
  • Creative journaling artwork
  • A favorite recipe from our authors
  • Extra journaling space
  • Hand-lettered focus Scripture

To download your free copy of "Savor The Season",  simply fill in your email address in the field below. Then watch your email box! 

We pray you will be blessed by the time you spend with God in his Word using “Savor The Season” as a starting point for your study time.

Blessings Soul Friends,


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